established in 2017



My parents named me Emily Leigh after my Grandma Emma. For a while, my mom tried to get Emma Leigh to stick, but I was destined to be an Emily. Regardless, I always admired my grandmother’s resourcefulness and deep love for her family through anything. Grandma was quite the spitfire. She always worked hard, but never lost her sense of humor when times got tough. I chose her name to be the inspiration for Emma Leigh Floral, because I know she would have been proud of me trying my hand at something new, and not taking myself too seriously in the process.



My life has been less than planned for, so it's hard for me to describe my path in words. Even so, I love to hustle, and my friends often tease me that I usually have my days scheduled down to the minute (which isn't completely untrue). I’m not going to lie, I started this business on a whim, only knowing that it was something our community truly needed, but I’m so glad that I did. My ideal day, no matter the season, would be to hike into the Marble Mountains, forage for bits and pieces of nature and then create a uniquely beautiful arrangement to leave behind on another hiker’s car (though sometimes I’d rather keep it for myself).